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i see you, and i thank you. i am not certain what brought you to my site. not sure what you are in search of; whether it be peace, stillness or wholeness. but, i thank you for honoring those feelings. for being unafraid to acknowledge those feelings. and for being vulnerable in sharing them with me. whatever led you here, take a second, sit up straight, breathe deep and repeat after me:

i am in control of my life.
i am in control of my destiny.
and i have power even when i feel powerless.


brianne patrice



one's ability to turn inward. focusing on his or her own mental and emotional stability.


show up.

being present; possessing ownership and taking accountability.


do the work.

elimination, separation, elevation. the ability to adpat, accept and welcome change when and where change is needed.

nothing that is for you can be taken from you.



i was a writer who wasn't writing. i found myself in dire need of a new meaning of community and sisterhood. i found myself needing to go deeper. i found myself shedding the old and re-emerging into someone, into something new. i found myself in a place of expansion. in a place of peace and tranquility. through the art of meditation, creativity and self-expression, i found myself un-learning to learn. redefining and embracing all that it meant to be me in my truest form. i found myself to be magical.

i am the example. the phoenix rising from the ashes. here to show you that circumstance isn't reality nor is it permanent.

embrace who you are.

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flowers require time.
and so do i.


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