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You ever find yourself going through some shit and you wonder, “how in the hell did my life become so f*cking complicated?!” That was and is me, hence the reason for this blog. So, that I can dump all my problems on to you and hopefully make you feel better about yourselves in the process. Because honestly, truly life will always be about what you make it…

Hi!, My name is Brianne Patrice and welcome to my side of the blogisphere. My self-titled blog is a blog dedicated to life, style and confidence. Helping women move from fear to freedom. What could women possibly have to fear you ask? Just by you asking that question, you clearly are not a woman and have no business being here. I kid, I kid, but no seriously who are you and why are you here? This is absolutely a judgement free zone for two reasons

  • a) because I have no room to judge and
  • b) because I have no room to judge (and you’ll soon find out why).

Here we discuss everything from the typical stuff like style and beauty to completely outlandish, but also normal things like sex, failing (but not really) as a single mother and well whatever else comes to mind. No holds barred ’round here.

So why did I start blogging? Why did I decide to pretty much air my dirty laundry out for the entire world to see?

*cues violins*

Take a journey with me.

Picture this.

Its 2013, you’ve been scouring the Earth high and low for your FIRST real job post graduation. You get the job you’ve been praying for then bam! a month later your perfectly healthy 2 year old gets diagnosed with kidney failure.
*sidenote: you would think that would be enough, but no life said “bih we about to f*ck you up.  Thus, there’s more.

You guys are pretty much living in the hospital now. Months later in January of 2014 you have a heart-wrenching conversation that you just didn’t see coming. Your child’s doctors say to you, “you got two options! 1) keep her here and watch her die OR 2) send her where we tell you to send her”. So which option do you think I went for? The SECOND one obviously and because I naively still considered these people* to be family, I trusted them when they offered to “help” out with the kid while we figured out what was to be done for her.
* hese people = grandparents (and no, not my mother or father)

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why I didn’t travel with her instead of sending her with them? That is the question I have been asking myself repeatedly because since then my life has been one lifetime movie event after another. No, it literally has been, pretty sure I could sell my rights to them once its all over. So, look out for open casting calls. Just kidding. Maybe. Anywho, they filed for custody of her (the nerve). Then I lost my home because lawyers fees. My car may or may not have been repossessed, I lost my job which then warranted this move to the East Coast.

So this blog is more than me airing out my dirty laundry; its a beacon of hope to women who have been, are going through and will go through situations like or similar to mine. To never give up! That your dreams are still achievable, if only you choose to look adversity in the face and say: fuck you! bih, I’m stronger than that.

Long story short, it’s working out for my good.


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