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brianne patrice covers the following topics:

life by design: is the foundation of brianne patrice’s brand, blog and coaching programs. this young woman (and mother) has and still is overcoming the many obstacles and hardships that took over life years ago. unexpectedly found herself in a custody a battle that caused her to lose everything for her car, to her home and in some ways even her job she was left with the two choices: a) become victim to circumstance or b) push through and fight.

she decided to push through and fight by overcoming fear and doubt; removing the strongholds from her mind and spreading her wings to fly. this blog, her brand and her business were all birthed in a time of adversity; in a time where most people would have conceded.

now she uses her struggle, her personal story as a way to deliver hope to young girls and women every where. leaving your audience with a call-to-action that is bound to motivate them; feeling ready, capable and willing to move forward in their lives creating the best possible version of themselves.

you are NOT your circumstance.

personal branding: with a degree in business management, brianne knew since she was a little girl that she wanted to work for herself.  and while there are many who opt to not go down the entrepreneurial track, as a young professional looking to spearhead and take charge of one’s career one must think, act and present themselves as a brand.

everyone should know that rather knowingly or unknowingly, you already have a personal brand. it is the things people say about you when your leave the room, the way you conduct yourself on social media, how you act and/or dress; everything you say or do verbal and non-verbal tie into your personal brand.

it is up to you to control it.

be entrepreneurial in your mindset.
be entrepreneurial in whatever career path you choose.

other prominent topics brianne patrice speaks on:
  • social media marketing
  • confronting your fears and finding your voice
  • writing to heal

speaker’s fee: $1,500

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