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Hi there!, my name is Brianne Patrice founder of briannepatrice.com and The Single Mom’s Network. I am also a mother, photographer and soon to be an author.

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If you are an individual in need of branding, blogging or business clarity, read below!


Would you finally commit to taking that extra class?

Would your days of sleeping-in come to a screeching halt, so that you could do more with your day?

Would you start that blog or business? Pitch that brand and/or magazine you’ve been dying to work with?

Would say enough is enough, step out on faith and finally just, go for it?

Or maybe you’ve already started your business. Maybe you’ve taken the first steps to walking into your purpose and now you need help with “what to do next?”.

life by design

Identify your preferred future.

Envision your goals, dreams, and aspirations. Now focus on just one. What goal – accomplishable in the next 6 months – would have the greatest amount of influence on both your personal and professional life?

That’s what’s going to lead you to your preferred future. And that is the goal I want to help you achieve with my life changing coaching program, Life By Design.


This personalized 6-month coaching program includes the following:

  • 6 monthly one-on-one consultations with me, Brianne Patrice. (Each consult will be given virtually. However, if you are in the Northern New Jersey or NYC area you have the option of requesting at least 2 in-person meetings).
  • Weekly homework assignments delivered via email and Asana.
  • 2-hour photo session (upon program completion)
  • Unlimited email access.

INVESTMENT: $797 or $135/month


life by design

As your coach, my job is to help remove the “what if’s”. Forcing you to confront and move past the mental roadblocks that keep you from living a life of purpose.

The benefits of coaching:

1.Realize your untapped potential

2. Gain clarity

3. Develop clear and concise intentions



Is this program right for me?

Maybe. Maybe not. But you truly won’t know until you’ve had a chance to talk to me. I offer complimentary 30-minute sessions for women who are interested in my program. Feel free to email me here to schedule your session.

This program is tailored for women who are self-motivated, self-starting, goal-oriented women who are serious about transcending to the next life both personally and professionally.

What are the benefits of coaching?

There are an array of benefits to coaching. The first being, a change in perspective. As I am able to challenge you and cause you to think in ways you may not have realized you were capable of doing. We often times are faced with a problem and focus solely on the problem, but as your coach, I am to focus more on the solutions.

There are other benefits like:

  • Increase in productivity
  • Improved performance
  • Improved stress and time management
  • Happiness and Well-being
  • Social Change

What kind of support will you offer?

First of all, it is my duty to offer you, the client, a judgment-free environment that offers unconditional support in dealing with your real-time life issues. I am your sounding board when you need a listening ear; on those days where you find it hard to push through I am your mirror. Reminding you of the fierce creature that you are.

But, what if I don’t have the time?


Time = life; therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life.
Alan Lakein

One thing I stress with all my clients is the importance of time management.┬áThus, you and I will work closely together to derive a system that works best with your schedule. As we work towards your six-month goal, I will provide you with small tasks and actionable steps setting aside specific dates and times that will allow you to work on them. Having “enough” time is never our issue, but how we manage it is.

I’m unsure if I can afford it?

I’ve been blogging since December of 2014. However, it wasn’t until April of 2015 that I made the conscious decision to take myself seriously. Fast forward to 2016 and I was featured as one of thirteen in Birmingham, AL’s debut production of, Listen to Your Mother. I have since been able to work with brands like Maybelline, ZonePerfect, The Happiness Planner, Freeman Beauty and much more. I will soon be able to add author to my belt as I am working on my very first book entitled “Twenty-Nine, Thirty” as well as working on a spiritual planner with a dear friend I was lucky enough to meet through Instagram. To make all of this happen for me, I had to get serious about myself and about my business! And that meant prioritizing, decreasing expenses elsewhere (i.e TV subscriptions), working extra hours on my [then] job and more so that I could afford to invest into myself financially.

We often time second guess spending money on the things that we need but give no thought towards the things that we want. How many times have you spent money on extremely expensive concert tickets, or treated yourself to that new pair of shoes? Yet, when it comes time to enroll in an online business course or a program such as this, you hesitated. If you are able to invest into your favorite artist, you surely should be able to invest in self. My mother once said to me that regardless of HOW I got there, it was up to me to pull myself out. And I offer the same piece of advice to you. Regardless of what landed you in your current position in life, the only one who can help you to progress forward is you.

It is time for you to step it up! You have to play all four seasons!

The bottom line boils down to, how willing are you to invest in yourself and your future?

Now don’t go maxing out your credit cards, avoiding your bills and what not to sign up. The struggle is real and I understand all too well how hard and overwhelming that can be, which is why my program offers a monthly payment plan! If you are truly serious about getting serious, trust me this program was created just for you! And you won’t find another one more affordable than this.


life by design

So, are you ready to let go?

Are you ready to take your life and career to new and uncharted heights? Are you ready to do what you have to do to feel how you want to feel? If you are, lets chat! Email me at hello@briannepatrice.com to schedule your complimentary 30-minute life strategy session. Looking forward to breaking down these walls with you!


brianne patrice